Image maker, design thinker, code creator.

Edward Thring is an Australian visual artist specializing in design, art direction, and front-end development. Edward has over a decade of experience working for agencies and clients in the US and Australia. He has collaborated with small and big companies solving complex problems while adding value to brands through a modern, intuitive, and visual aesthetic.

His work aspires to create images and visual identities that are playful and relatable while being vigilant on the functional side. In addition to design, Edward continuously evolves his front-end development skills to understand the fundamentals of creating a personalized product from start to finish.

Great collaboration is the key to establishing a positive impact on a business. Edward understands that design is a tool to help companies achieve their business goals made possible by working closely with open-minded partners.

Edward is not currently looking for full-time opportunities but is always open to collaborations and other fun things. If you’re interested in discussing a project, looking to build something great together, or just getting in touch to have a cold one (digitally that is), shoot through an email.

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